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There are some new photos in the Gallery section. Drum tracking photos. Drums are done for 5 new songs. Next, we'll get the bass and guitars down. I'll post more photos of that around the 3rd of March, when that happens. We're super excited. These are going to turn out pretty great! Can't wait until they're out!

4 years already, eh? Well, Culture of a Hunter is headed back into the recording studio this weekend for 5 more songs, We are super excited and cannot wait, so I've decided to update you 19 people that have checked this site. Haha. Maybe, I'll even post some photos of recording here. Might be interesting. So, there's that.

Be sure to follow us on IG, as that seems to be where most of the action happens.

Take care,


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Blogging again after many years. Feels kinda weird, but fun I guess. I thought a blog on this site would be a good idea. Some of my favorite bands used to blog on their sites. I found it interesting and informative. We'll see how this one goes!

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